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What way to identify the quality of Velcro

With the development of science and technology, the application range of the Velcro is more and more, so good Velcro and poor quality of Velcro is how to distinguish?Next, I will introduce the identification method of the quality of the Velcro.

1, pollution: we can start with the naked eye look have pollution, dyeing, grease and other dirt.

2, color: this is also can be observed by the naked eye, to see his color, lines, there will not be messy, and it is very pure color.

3, burrs, usually some yarn burrs, this also can be observed with the naked eye, both sides of the ribbon and overlock cannot have serious lint and wool yarn.

4, jump needle: this is also can be observed by the naked eye, ribbon cannot jump needle.

In addition to the above four kinds of circumstances, identification of Velcro quality is also related to the specification.Of the specifications of the standard is the embodiment of the Velcro quality.

5, thickness detection: use vernier caliper measurement, accurate to 0.001, tolerance no more than plus or minus 0.1 mm.

6, the width detection: measure the webbing width of 1 inch or more with caliper, tolerance is no more than plus or minus 0.25 cm;1 inch and 1 inch below the ribbon width, the standard tolerance no more than plus or minus 0.25 mm.Note: plain weave, herringbone belt must be enough size, must not exceed 0.25 cm.

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