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Teach you to distinguish injection hook velcro

How to distinguish the type of the injection hook and the hook type of injection hook can be divided into three types:
2 # fine hook, 3 # double hook, 4 # coarse hook,three kinds of,all made of the injection molding of nylon material.
2 # and 4 # hook is the same as, are r type. 3 # hook is double hook,is y type, different hook type can be used on the different products.
2 # injection hook Velcro is suitable for use on baby cloak, baby clothes, etc;
3 # injection hook Velcro is suitable for use in high-grade garments;
4 # injection hook Velcro is suitable for use in high-grade tents, backpacks and others;
Also can mix and match to use, but the effect is not so good, at the same time cooperate with injection hook three types of loop,respectively for brushed fabric, un-napped loop,ordinary loop, 2 # and 3 # injection hook Velcro ,it is best to match the viscosity of brushed fabric,cooperate with other viscosities is general, 4 # injection hook Velcro with ordinary loop strongest viscous;other stickiness is general.
For the Velcro has the waterproof function, we don't have to wonder, compared to the tape that can only be used in non-water situations, Velcro has great advantages.Other products have advantages it has, other products do not have advantages it also has.
On some large machinery and equipment need to use velcro, in the process of using, if the customer found less applicable can contact the manufacturers, producers make production according to the actual situation of customers customized specifically for customers.
Velcro is made by environmental protection material, used in the first place, we need to realize that such a high quality of the product must have a long service life.Of course, premise condition is that we need to appropriately regular maintenance.If it's not maintained, it will lose its life, also can bring about the person injury and so on serious accident.
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